Meet The Walshes!


Husband and Wife, best friends, parents of a freakin awesome Husky, This is us! We have been together since 2012 (I know!) and every day gets better. We have been a team for the past 2 years, and let me tell you, working with your significant other is the FREAKIN BEST! We love capturing every moment of a wedding day, and we work so great together that we wont miss a dang thing and we will keep you on track and on time the whole day.

Movies, gym, traveling (duh), playing old arcade games, Disneyland, are just a few of the things we love to do together as a couple. OH! and did I mention we are going to be the coolest parents to a little girl coming in May? Ya, THATS RIGHT!

So what are you waiting for?! Lets grab a starbucks & start talkin about YOUR big day!

Alisha & Tyler 2018-0024.jpg

Alisha // lady boss

I’m Alisha, I will be your main contact! I handle all the emails, social media posts, bookings, editing, and am the main Photographer! So a little back story. I’ve been shooting weddings religiously for 4 years now. Been a photographer for 8 years! I can’t begin to explain all the smiles and tears I’ve shared at weddings. It is truly my passion and my happy place. Disneyland.. another place I consider my happy place, I mean right? Isn’t it for everyone?!



Tyler // Man Behind the Camera

Hey guys, I’m Tyler! I’m the guy that will be filming you like the celebrities you are. Shooting weddings is one of the best opportunities. I get to hang out with rad people while they celebrate their love and literally party! Outside of filming weddings, I am a mechanic. Some of my favorite interests include classic cars, fitness, and golf.